Nobody wants to think about their septic system. We want to watch the water go down the drain and flush the toilet and never think about it again. But unfortunately, not performing regular maintenance on your septic system leads to big problems that nobody wants to deal with. 

Understanding the basics of the septic tank and what causes problems is the key to a properly functioning system. 

The Septic Tank 

The tank itself is just a large structure where all your home’s wastewater goes. The solids sink to the bottom, while the oils and fats float to the top. The solid materials are broken down by the natural bacteria in the tank, creating effluent water. Which is then filtered into the drain field and into the soil.

A healthy balance between wastewater and natural bacteria is vital. Too much water entering the tank at one time, means the bacteria may not be able to keep up. Solids that should not be flushed or chemicals that should not go down the drain, also disrupt this delicate balance.

What causes problems with your septic system?

Delayed Maintenance 

The number one reason why septic systems fail, delayed maintenance! Septic tanks should be pumped out about every 3 years, depending on the size and number of people living in the home. Filters may also need to be changed and the system inspected. 

Cleaning Products 

Antibacterial products are being used more than ever, with good reason. But when excessive cleaning products and soaps end up in the septic tank, they can easily disrupt the natural balance of bacteria in the tank. Killing the good bacteria that break down the solid waste.

Damaged Pipes 

The septic system involves a number of pipes, which can be damaged for a number of reasons. From corrosion, root intrusion, and driving over the pipes. Leaking pipes can cause a number of problems. 

Check back with us next week for signs your septic system is having problems. Until then, contact Orlando Septic Service for more information.