Central Florida; Protecting Your Septic System During The Coronavirus

The coronavirus has more of staying home, which means we are using more water. But we are also doing a lot more hand washing, cleaning, and laundry. If we aren’t careful the antibacterial cleaning supplies and excess water can have detrimental effects on the septic system.  Your septic system operates effectively only when there is the right balance of beneficial bacteria. The bacteria that live in the septic tank is responsible for breaking down solid waste. The bacteria can also prevent raw sewage from backing up into your home.  Do to the Coronavirus, we are all using more antibacterial soap and household cleaners. These products do a great job of killing all types bacteria and germs, even the ones that keep your septic tank working! Home Guides recently published an article on the best way to prevent clogging or even wastewater coming into your home. Products for cleaning septic systems can [...]

April 1st, 2020|

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It is easy to forget about our septic system. As long as it seems to be functioning properly, then everything is fine. Unfortunately, septic systems, like everything else, have an expiration date. Even if you perform routine maintenance, regular pumping to the tank and annual inspections, an older system [...]

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