Affordable Orlando Septic Tank Pumping; Removing Wastewater

Many homes here in Central Florida rely on a septic system to remove and treat wastewater from their home.  It’s easy to turn on the faucet or shower and never think twice about where all that water is going.  All the wastewater ends up in the septic system, but where does it go from there? How is it affecting your drinking water? The EPA explains the importance of maintaining your septic system and having your tank pumped regularly. Bathrooms and Kitchens  Water from toilets, sinks, showers, and other appliances is called wastewater and can be harmful to human health. Wastewater contains harmful bacteria, viruses, and nutrients that could make you sick if it comes in contact with your drinking water well. Make sure the wastewater is properly treated by your septic system and that your drinking water well is located at the appropriate distance (set back) from your and your neighbor’s system. [...]

October 17th, 2021|

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