Top Reasons Why Your Septic System Backs Up And How To Fix It

If you’re experiencing slow or clogged drains, toilets not flushing properly, or waste water backing up into your sinks and bathtub, it can be overwhelming.  Top reasons why your septic system is backing up and how can you fix it Tree roots  Trees and plant roots naturally grow towards water and can be very aggressive, penetrating the pipes causing them to clog or limit water flow.  What you're flushed down toilet or putting down the drain  Non-degradable items such as cat litter, chemicals, flushable wipes, diapers, medications, paper towels, dental floss, or feminine hygiene products, should go into the garbage can and not the toilet. Also, be careful what goes down the sink. Limit the use of the garbage disposal (or not at all). Never allow household chemicals to go down the drain. Paint, oil, or cooking grease should also not go in the sink or toilet. Blocked drains Slow drains, [...]

April 8th, 2021|

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