Are you following your septic system’s maintenance schedule? If not it could end up costing you. Routine care is the easiest way to prevent most problems. 

Does your septic system need pumping or repair? Look for these signs:


Is your toilets not flushing like they should? Making funny gurgling sounds? This can cause waste water to back-up into bathtubs, sinks, and showers. Ignoring it and hoping it goes away by itself, can cause even more damage. 

Odd Odors 

Your septic system shouldn’t be emitting any foul odors. All the household water goes into the septic tank, dishwasher, washer, kitchen sink, toilets, baths and showers. As the septic tank gets filled with the home’s waste water, it starts to emanate strong pungent odors, the smells are usually offensive and strong. They usually can be detected from the kitchen sink or bathroom or outside around the drain field.


If you have puddles or wet areas in your yard when you shouldn’t, the system could be clogged or full.  The drain or leach field is a vital part of the septic system. It is a network of underground interconnected pipes that distribute from the septic tank.  This network can become clogged with tree roots and material, resulting in wastewater to leak into the ground water and back up into the house.

Slow Drains 

If you notice the kitchen sink is draining slower than usual or in the bathroom, it may be more than just inconvenient. Do you remember the last time you had the septic tank pumped? It would be easier and less expensive to have the septic system inspected then to experience a full blown problem later.

Your septic tank is a big investment. To prolong the life of your Septic system, an inspection is vital! It can reveal any issues before they become costly problems and reduces septic emergencies.

The septic system is a delicate cycle of pumping waste water from your home or business into the septic tank, where it is separated and decomposes.

The small price of pumping the septic tank can avoid the thousands of dollars on repairs, many of which could have been prevented. If you’re experiencing issues with your septic system, waiting usually makes the problems worse. Regular maintenance and inspections can prevent failures and save you a ton of money in replacement and repairs.