We are all ready for a new year, an opportunity for a fresh clean start. When making your new years resolutions this year don’t forget about your home septic system. a

Septic system new year’s resolution

Just as you should have an annual physical check-up, so should your septic system. Though you may not see it, your septic system is constantly at work. It disposes of all your family’s waste water, from the toilet and shower to the sink and washing machine, if not working properly it can have devastating consequences. A yearly septic system check up is an affordable way to ensure everything is working properly and catch any problems early, before they cost a small fortune to repair.

How can you help take care of your septic system in 2021?

Change your septic systems diet

Just as a healthy lifestyle and diet will make you healthier this new year, your septic system will benefit from what you don’t put down the drain. This includes, any chemicals, cleaning products, grease and oils. 

Disposal in the kitchen sink

Think of it as a junk free diet for the disposal. Avoid giving it pasta, potato skins, coffee grounds, rice, corn husk, or eggshells. Cut out coarse fibrous vegetables and produce, as well as bones or skin from poultry. It is a great year to start a compost. 

The bathroom

Toilets are made to remove waste water and toilet paper (which is made to decompose in the septic tank), nothing else! Avoid flushing coating balls, paper towels or feminine hygiene products. Only put waste water down the sink and shower, don’t put leftover paint or wash paint brushes in the sink.

Saving money in 2021

Don’t let another year go by without thinking about your septic system, where would you be without it? Keeping these resolutions this year can also save you money by avoiding emergency situations, backed up septic system, septic failure, clogged toilets and sinks.

Orlando Septic Services makes it easy to keep your septic system New Year’s Resolution, while keeping your family safe and saving you money!

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