There are thousands, upon thousands of septic systems in Central Florida. When we think of septic problems, we usually think raw sewage backing up into the bathtub, toilets that aren’t flushing right or making gurgling sounds,  and foul odors. But do we think about the impact it is making on the environment?

A well maintained septic system operates more environmentally friendly than municipal sewage systems. 

That’s right, experts agree, public sewage systems treat wastewater with harsh chemicals before it is discharged. While septic systems use a more natural way to treat wastewater. 

However, a septic system that hasn’t been properly maintained or is failing can allow untreated wastewater into the ground, leading to a host of environmental complications. To polluting nearby bodies of water and creating a safety risk to drinking water.

Why do septic tanks fail?

Improper maintenance 

Septic system is overwhelmed

Faulty construction or design

Septic system was damaged

Washington State Department of Health explains what happens when a septic system fails. “A septic system failure causes untreated sewage to be released and transported to where it shouldn’t be. This may cause sewage to come to the surface of the ground around the tank or the drain field or to back-up in pipes in the building. The sewage could also find its way into groundwater, surface water, or marine water without us ever seeing it. The sewage carries pathogens and other dangerous contaminants. Exposure to these pathogens and contaminants can make people and animals sick.

Why do septic systems fail?

The pipes leading from the house to the septic tank get clogged

The inlet baffle to the tank becomes blocked

The effluent filter or outlet baffle is clogged

The Drain field is saturated with water and has failed

If you are concerned your septic system is working properly or need to have your tank pumped, contact Orlando Septic Services. We are an environmentally friendly company with 30 years of experience.  Earning our reputation as an honest and reliable waste management business in the Seminole, Orange and parts of Volusia County.