The Orlando Septic Services joins with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to bring awareness to the importance of a healthy septic system. Here are some ways you can protect your investment and help the environment.

Think at the sink: What goes down your drain has a big impact on your septic system. Avoid harsh chemicals and use cleaners/detergents in moderation.

Don’t strain your drain: Use water efficiently and stagger use of water based appliances (such as a washing machine) to avoid back up of your septic system into your house.

Keep it clean: If you have a well, many things can contaminate your drinking water, such as a failing septic system. Test your well water regularly.

Shield your field: Tree and shrub roots, cars, and livestock can damage your drain field.

Protect it and inspect it: Regular septic system maintenance can save homeowners thousands of dollars and protect public health.

Don’t overload the commode: A toilet is not a trashcan. Disposable diapers and wipes, feminine hygiene products, cigarette butts, cat litter and much more can damage your septic system.

Pump your Tank: Ensure your septic tank is pumped at regular intervals as recommended by a professional and/pr local permitting authority.

Top Ways to be a Good Septic Owner 

Have your system inspected every three years by a qualified professional or according to your state/local health department’s recommendations 

Have you septic tank pumped, when necessary, generally every three to five years. 

Avoid pouring harsh products 9e.g., oils, grease, chemical, paints, medications) down the drain.

Discard non-degradable products in the trash (e.g., floss, disposable wipes, cat litter) instead of flushing them.

Keep cars and heavy vehicles parked away from the drain field and tank.

Follow the system manufacturer’s directions when using septic tank cleaners and additives. 

Repair leaks and use water efficient fixtures to avoid overloading the system. 

Maintain plants and vegetation near the system to ensure roots do not block drains.

Use soaps and detergents that are low suds, biodegradable, and low – or phosphate – free

If you have any questions or concerns about your septic system, contact Orlando Septic Service, we are happy to help.