Central Florida’s strong afternoon thunderstorms will be here before you know it, is your septic system ready? In last week’s blog we talked about the damage the rainy season can cause on your septic system, today we have tips on how to prepare your system before the heavy rain. 

This can not only reduce the risk of problems occurring, it can waste a lot of money!

Here are a few tips for your septic system during the rainy season

It is important to make sure your septic system is healthy and in good shape before the rainy season. Problems seem to become amplified with a significant amount of rain, make sure the system is maintained and the tank has been pumped and inspected. 

Be mindful of what you flush down the toilets and put down the drain. Only biodegradable items should be flushed, such as human waste and toilet paper.  Don’t put down fats, oils, grease, chemical or paint thinner down the drain. 

Make sure the runoff water and gutter are directed away from the drain field.

Make sure the gutters and water runoff is directed away from the drain field and surrounding soil.

Don’t dive vehicles or heavy equipment over the drain field. Compacting the soil reduces the soil’s ability to absorb water.

During times of heavy rain, conserve water to minimize stress on the septic system. You can give your septic system a well deserved break by limiting long showers and baths, as well as laundry when it’s raining. 

If you notice your toilets making gurgling sounds, slow drains, or foul odors, contact Orlando Septic Service.

The rainy season can cause havoc on your septic system. Just by having your system properly maintained , inspected and tank pumped before the rainy season sets in can save you a ton of money and frustration! Orlando Septic System is committed to providing the very best quality and customer service.

Orlando Septic Service is an environmentally friendly company serving Central Florida for 23 years. We are a licensed septic contractor certified with the State of Florida. Earning our reputation as an honest and reliable waste management business in the Seminole and Orange County areas.

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