Many people here in Central Florida don’t think about their septic system until it has a problem. Either wastewater is backing up into the bathtub, toilets are gurgling, notice a strange smell, or drains becomes slow. It is important to have your septic tank pumped on a regular basis. 

As soon as you notice an issue, contact Orlando Septic Services. The longer you wait, the worse it will get! 

Eventually, you will need to have your septic tank pumped. Here are a few things to look for:

Slow Drains

It happens, your drains get slower and slower. You hope it will resolve itself, but it just gets worse. What started at the kitchen sink, escalated to the bathroom drains, and even the bathtub. Water and debris sitting at the bottom of the sink for a few minutes before it heads down the drain. it’s probably time to have your septic tank pumped. 

A Foul Odor Coming From The Drains Or In The Yard

Whether it is a whiff of a bad smell every now or then, when you walk outside, or a more pungent odor coming from the kitchen drain,  it is a warning sign there is something wrong with the septic system. That smell isn’t going to get better on its own. It is time to contact Orlando Septic Service.

Greener Grass 

When you look around your yard and notice a patch of grass that is greener, mushy areas or a puddle when it hasn’t been raining, they are red flags there is something wrong with your septic system. 

Gurgling Toilets And Water Backing Up

Toilets that gurgle after they are flushed or waste water backing up in the bathtub, can quickly become hazardous situation and costly repairs, it is definitely time to call in the professionals. 

There are many components to your septic system, pipes, filers, septic tank, drain field, and more. Unfortunately, none of them last forever. They need routine maintenance.