It’s easy to forget about the septic system. We flush and turn on the water and don’t think twice about where all that water goes. That is until the toilet starts making funny gurgling sounds, you have slow drains, back-ups, or foul odors. By this time it could cost quite a bit to repair. 

The cost of having your septic tank pumped regularly and maintaining your system is a bargain compared to fixing a malfunctioning system. But that’s not all, the EPA lists other reasons why you should keep up with your septic maintenance.

Orlando Septic Services makes it easy to keep your septic system working its best is with money saving coupons! Remember, the small price of pumping the tank can avoid the thousands of dollars on repairs, many of which could have been prevented.

Protect your property value 

An unusable septic system or one in disrepair will lower your property value, and potentially can pose a costly legal liability.

Keeps you and your neighbors healthy 

Household wastewater contains disease causing bacteria and viruses and high levels of nitrogen and phosphorus. If a septic system is well-maintained and working properly, it will remove most of these pollutants. Insufficiently treated sewage from septic systems can cause groundwater contamination, which can spread disease in humans and animals. Improperly treated sewage poses the risk of contaminating nearby surface waters threatening swimmers with various infectious diseases, from eye and ear infections to acute gastrointestinal illness and hepatitis.

Protect the environment 

More than four billion gallons of wastewater are dispersed below the ground’s surface every day. Ground water contaminated by poorly or untreated household wastewater poses dangers to drinking water and to the environment. Malfunctioning septic systems release bacteria, viruses, and chemicals toxic to local waterways. When these pollutants are released into the ground, they eventually enter streams, rivers, lakes, and more, harming local ecosystems by killing native plants, fish, and shellfish. Learn more about how septic systems can help support greener, more sustainable communities.