How much do you really know about your Central Florida home has a septic system? If not properly taken care of, it leads to messy and expensive problems. Here are a few crucial tips to keep your septic system running smoothly and even save you money. 

Watch what you flush 

Only human waste and toilet paper should be flushed. Don’t treat your toilet like a garbage can. Even things you think that wouldn’t matter like dental floss, shouldn’t be flushed. Floss can easily get tied up in the filter and cause serious issues. Other non-biodegradable items can clog the system and fill the tank up sooner than expected. 

Make sure the tank is pumped regularly 

Depending on the size of the tank and how many people live in the home, determines how often the tank should be pumped. Typically it is every two to three years. Forgetting about the tank until waste water start backing up into the bathtub or shower, can cause problems you don’t want to think about.

Yearly inspection 

It is recommended to have your system inspected on a yearly basis to keep your septic system in good working order. There are many parts to the system, each plays a crucial role in removing all the waste water from your home. This will catch a small issue before it’s a messy and costly problem.

Attend to any issues quickly

If you notice something not right, such as clogged drains, foul odor, gurgling toilet, puddles outside near the drain field when there shouldn’t be, or any other septic problem, contact the professionals at Orlando Septic Service. We quickly identify the issue and come up with a cost effective solution. It can also save you thousands of dollars later when the problem gets worse.

Orlando Septic Service is proud to offer an environmentally safe and economical way to clean your pipes, both residential and commercial. We are a licensed septic contractor certified with the State of Florida.