How often do you even think about your septic system? It is easy to forget, but you and your family rely on it every day. With more of us staying home, we are using more water. Which means more waste water is going into the septic tank and into the drain field.

The explains:

Your septic system is part of your daily life. Use your septic sense. Be kind. If you overuse or neglect your system, it will suffer and so will you. Feed your system as you would yourself — small, regular and well-balanced meals.

Proper operation, maintenance, and monitoring of your system will increase its longevity and good health – along with yours. 

Think about it. The effluent your septic tank disposes of is continually being recycled. How quickly the effluent goes from wastewater to drinking water is in part controlled by how well you oversee its operation.

An ounce of maintenance can prevent the headache of a cure, especially when it comes to septic systems. By practicing even a couple of the tips provided here, you are on the way to a healthier system and a healthier environment

If you can’t remember when the last time you had your septic tank pumped, it’s probably been too long. You may not see any obvious signs, but damage is still being done. Water flows out of the septic tank into the drain field and the solids remain, eventually becoming sludge on the bottom of the tank.

Over time the solids build up and if it’s not removed it backs up into the house or into the drain field. Both can result in costly repairs and even replacement. Routine maintenance and pumping end up saving you thousands of dollars.

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