There is nothing worse than having a septic system issue over the Holidays. Even if you’re not having all your family and friends over for a big celebration, you don’t want smelly mess, toilet not to flush or bathtub to back up.

“Septic Sense, Scents, Cents, Supreme Insights to the Fearless Flush,” by says, “An ounce of maintenance can prevent the headache of a cure, especially when it comes to septic systems. By practicing even a couple of the tips provided here, you are on the way to a healthier system and a healthier environment.”

The article goes on to explain how septic tanks work

A typical septic tank is a buried watertight container made of concrete, fiberglass or poly- ethylene that is designed to pre-treat domestic wastewater. It clarifies wastewater by holding the water long enough to allow the solids to settle out (sludge), be reduced by bacterial action, or float to the surface (scum). The clarified wastewater is pushed along into the drainfield for further treatment every time new wastewater enters the tank.

Toilet paper

The more toilet paper flushed the quicker the scum builds. If the septic tank is full, the toilet paper can make its way out of the septic tank to the drain field, where it can block small tubes needed for effluent treatment.

Flush or not to flush

There are a few things you should never be flushed down the toilet such as, paper towels, cotton swabs, dental floss, tampons, hair, or anything but human waste and toilet paper.

Water leaks

It is common for the toilet’s reservoir to leak into the bowl. Not only does this waste water, but it also fills the septic tank quicker. You may not think much of that slow drip from the faucet, but it really adds up

Garbage disposals and septic systems don’t mix!

All the extra waste can cause big problems for the septic system. Instead, ‘Go Green’ and have a small compost on the counter, you can even decorate it for the holidays.

There’s never a good time for a septic problem! The easiest way to avoid them is to have a preventative maintenance program. It’s a cost effective way to keep your family safe and piece of mind your system is working properly.

Orlando Septic Services can ensure your septic system is healthy and ready for the holiday season. Contact us today to have your septic tank pumped or to set up an appointment to have your septic system inspected.