Did you know your septic system is more than just the tank and drain field? Besides the plumping and filters, the distribution box is a vital part of the system. 

What is a septic system’s distribution box? 

A properly working distribution box is essential for a healthy septic system. It’s located in the drain field, buried underground. Its job is to distribute wastewater equally into the ground through field lines. 

How does the distribution box work?

The distribution box uses gravity, similar to the septic tank. As waste water moves out of the tank and downhill into the container, which has a rotating device and several holes. It controls the outward flow of waste water. This ensures each area of the drain field gets an even amount. 

If the distribution box is now working properly, the water will not be evenly distributed. The waste water will accumulate in one area. This can easily overwhelm the portion, compromising the entire drain field. 

What causes the distribution box to have problems?

There are several reasons why the distribution box can fail

The pipes can become clogged or damaged

The rotating device can fail

Natural wear and tear

Invading tree roots

Accumulation of sludge 

Driving vehicles or heavy machinery over the box

Inclement weather such as flooding

Not taking care of your septic system

Distribution boxes come in different types

These boxes typically come in plastic or concrete. As well as a variety of shapes and sizes. Of course, the concrete boxes are considerably stronger than plastic.

It is important to protect your distribution box and take care of your septic system

The easiest and most cost effective way to protect your septic system is with routine maintenance. It is also a great way to prevent thousands of dollars on repairs.

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