Many people who take their septic system for granted, end up regretting it because of the high repair cost, hassle of cleaning up waste water that backed up into their house, and/or the dealing with a bad odor.

Your septic system is one of your homes most expensive utility. It is working 24/7 365 days a year, breaking down waste and filtering it safely back into the ground.

Continuing with last week’s blog, things you may not have known about your septic tank.

Your waste can kill you

You should never go inside your spit tank, either to retrieve something that was accidentally flushed or to make repairs. The gases inside a septic tank can kill you! OSHA regards a septic tank is a confined space with conditions are “immediately dangerous”. If you have a newer septic system the tank may have a riser, a ground level lid to the tank, making it easier to pump out and inspect.

It is the hydrogen sulfide, in small amounts has been associated with a rotten egg odor. You may notice it now and then, but if you seem to smell it often, there could be a problem. In larger amounts it can be deadly, paralysis and collapse after a few minutes.

Your septic system has “Good” bacteria

The naturally occurring bacteria in the septic tank is a delicate balance. It helps break down the solids that sink to the bottom of the tank or “sludge”. The average septic tank can have more than 100 chemical pollutants that can harm this bacteria. If you have a septic system try and use septic safe cleaning products to avoid killing the natural bacteria.

In fact, it only takes 2 gallons of bleach to kill all the beneficial bacteria in a septic tank of 1,000 gallons. It takes over three days to recover from it. Think about this next time you’re cleaning.  Other chemicals such as drain cleaners, can wipe out these bacteria. It only takes 1.3 ounces of the average drain cleaner to kill off its entire community of microbes. It will take days for it to recover.

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