There are a few things that can really wreak havoc on your septic system. It is important to take care of your system and follow important guidelines. A septic system that is well maintained and taken care of can last decades without any issues.

We also understand, it is easy to forget about your septic system, until a problem arises.

Here are a few signs to be mindful of

Sluggish toilets and/or drains

A good indication there is trouble brewing is your toilet that isn’t flushing properly or making gurgling sounds is an indication the system is in distress. Also, if the drain in the shower, tub, or sink isn’t draining as quickly as they used to or backing up, is a warning sign. Don’t ignore these signs, take action before the problem gets worse and you end up with costly repairs.


If you notice any odd odors, such as a rotten egg or sulphur smell, either inside or outside your home, don’t ignore it! These are typically gasses escaping from your full septic tank and finding their way through the pipes in your home. The gases from the tank can also find their way into the drain field, making your yard smell.

Standing water

If your septic tank is full the waste water has nowhere else to go but pool around the drain field or septic tank. If you notice standing water in your yard and it hasn’t been raining, it is time to call Orlando Septic Service.

The grass over the drain field is Unusually lush, green lawn

When the drain field is operating properly the grass above it should look the same as everywhere else in the yard. But if you notice the grass is unusually lush and green over the drain field, it means it is getting some extra fertilizer, most likely from excessive liquid waste. This could create a hazardous and unsafe situation.

Sewage backup

The most obvious sign of a problem is something nobody ever wants to see, raw sewage backing up into the home. This is something that needs to be dealt with immediately!