Gurgling toilet is never something you want to hear, along with the problem with slow drains. Sure, you can ignore the issues and hope for the best, but you will be taking the chance it will become an even bigger problem later. 

Be Alert To Troubling Signs!

There are many warning signs of a septic failure that should not be ignored

Foul odors
Wet areas in the yard
Surface sewage
Septic tank and plumbing backups
Slow drains
Gurgling toilets and plumbing

If you suspect any of these signs or think your septic tank is having a problem, it is important to contact a reliable septic professional. The longer a problem is allowed to continue, the more money and work it takes to have it repaired.

Caring for your septic system

Conserving water extends the lifespans of the system. The more waste water produced, the more that needs to be treated and disposed.

Keep accurate records, know where your septic tank and drain field is located. Keep track of when the septic tank is inspected pumped.

Have your septic system inspected once a year. This can identify problems before you notice them, saving you money in the long run.

Make sure your septic tank is pumped when necessary. Waiting until you have a problem, means more money in repair costs.

Don’t flush or put any harmful materials down the drain. Not only can this damage the tank, it can pollute the ground water.

Ensure all runoff water is diverted away from the septic system and never drive a vehicle over the septic tank or drain field.

Remember, it is dangerous to enter the septic tank! The tank has poisonous gas and the lack of oxygen can both be fatal.

If you suspect any problems in your septic system, need an inspection or tank pumped, contact the professionals at Orlando Septic Service.