Fall is a great time to have your septic tank pumped. As we get back to some type of normal and even get ready for the holidays, a septic system emergency can ruin everything!

From having a few guests over for a quiet evening at home with the family, the smell of a septic problem or slow drains, can turn into a nightmare.

Septic systems are a big investment and need to be inspected by a professional every year. During the inspection the technician will determine how full the tank is and ensure the system is processing waste properly. The leach or drain field will be inspected to look for any blockage and if the waste water is being processed the way it should. The drains and filters will also be inspected and any issues will be discussed. A few signs to watch for include; gurgling pipes, a pooling or puddling in the yard, slow pipes, and an odor outside or inside your home.

There’s nothing worse than a septic tank emergency, avoid pouring grease down the drain, over use of the garbage disposal, flushing trash down the toilet, parking vehicles on the drain field, chemicals that kill the bacteria that breaks down waste and inform your guests about the basics of septic care.

Routine septic maintenance will help your system run smoothly, especially over the holidays when there can be more stress put on the tank and you can also avoid costly repairs in the long run.

Be Prepared and Stay Alert

If you have a problems be prepared by having the phone number for Orlando Septic Services on hand and the drawing and proper site maps for your system available, this can save valuable time in an emergency.

Know where your major components of your septic system are located, drain field, lines and tank. Ensure they are easily accessible, don’t plant trees or bushes on top of the system and don’t park vehicles on top of them.

Orlando Septic Services can ensure your septic system is healthy and ready for the holiday season. Contact us today to have your septic tank pumped or to set up an appointment to have your septic system inspected.

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