Did you know, your septic tank should be pumped out every 2 to 5 years? The price for procrastinating this vital service, can end up being very high! 

Not performing routine maintenance regularly can lead to drain field (sometimes called leach field) failure. The drain field is the largest area in your yard, under the soil. 

The drain field for the septic system is similar to a drip irrigation system. Waste water leaves the home through pipes leading to the septic tank. The solid waste stays in the septic tank, eventually this needs to be pumped out. While the water leaves the tank through a main drain pipe which branches off into several perforated pipes. Seeping into the ground where waste water is cleaned by soil microbes. The drain field is the most expensive part of the structure and when it is compromised with waste has to be dug up and replaced.

How to tackle a drain field problem

Drain field issues can be difficult to diagnose, which is why it is best if it is left to a professional with experience to do the job right. Unpleasant odors, seepage or flooding can be caused by several reasons, from overgrown tree roots, parking a vehicle on top of the drain field area, to flushing non-biodegradable materials down the toilet and drain.

It’s vital for your wallet and health to take care of any drain field problems promptly since this is where the treated water joins the ground water.

Look out for these signs of drain field and septic system problems

Foul odor, such as a ‘rotten egg’, coming from either the outside or inside of your home, during the decomposition process gases can be released making a foul odor.

A black slimly liquid in the down slope pipes or drain field.

Gurgling sounds coming from the toilet, drains or plumbing system

Damp soil or standing water around the septic tank or drain field.

Bright green and lush grass or soggy areas in the yard.

Sewage backing up into the bathtub or toilets

Plumbing back ups and slow drains.

Ignoring septic odors will eventually lead to really big problems, such as percolating into the drinking water. The good news is it can be easily fixed by the professionals at Orlando Septic Services and for a limited time take advantage of our First Time Client Discount for 10% off our Septic Pumping Project.