Septic system emergencies never happen at a good time. It could be a foul smell, raw sewage backing up into the bathtub or shower, or puddles in the lawns that shouldn’t be there. 

If you’re experiencing any problems with your septic system, contact Orlando Septic Services for affordable services. Here are 5 tips to to prevent septic tank problems

Why is septic tank pumping so important?

Your septic tank is responsible for taking in all the waste water from your home. It then separates the solid waste, which settles on the bottom of the tank, and the lighter solid waste floats on the top.  The water that ends up in the middle is carefully filtered out to the drain field and processed into the soil. 

Over time, the solid in the tank build up. If it isn’t pumped out, the waste will end up going somewhere. Whether that is backing up into your home or forced out into the drain field, or both. Either way the repair cost can be significant.

Make your septic system a priority 

Ignoring your septic system can end up costing hundreds, if not thousands of dollars to repair. Not to mention pollute the environment. Ensuring regular maintenance is preformed can save you a ton of money and frustration.

Be Prepared and Stay Alert

If you have a problems be prepared by have the phone number for Orlando Septic Services on hand and the drawing and proper site maps for your system available, this can save valuable time in an emergency.

Know where your major components of your septic system are located, drain field, lines and tank. Ensure they are easily accessible, don’t plant trees or bushes on top of the system and don’t park vehicles on top of them.

Ignoring septic odors will eventually lead to really big problems, such as percolating into the drinking water. The good news is it can be easily fixed by the professionals at Orlando Septic Services and for a limited time take advantage of our First Time Client Discount for 10% off our Septic Pumping Project.

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