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Is Your Central Florida Septic System Headed for Disaster?


Most Central Florida residents don’t even realize their septic system is headed for expensive repairs. Why? It could be the routine maintenance that wasn’t done in a timely manner or a few habits that you can’t seem to break. Either way, all that waste that goes down the drain and toilet is going somewhere. If you don’t want it to end up back in your house, you may want contact Orlando Septic Services to ensure your system is working as efficiently as it should be, and you may want to change a few habits.

Don’t Use Your Drain or Toilet as a Trash Can

It is important not to put grease, oils, food down the drain. Or disposable wipes of any kind, paper towels, napkins, cigarettes, q-tips, feminine products, or other items down the toilet. All of these things belong in the garbage can. They can cause slow drains and you can end with a pretty big septic system repair bill.

Don’t Pour Chemical or Cleaning Products Down the Drain or Toilet

Your septic tank is a delicate balance of bacteria. Chemicals, bleaches, even hand sanitizer, can kill good bacteria that break down waste. Which means you will need to have the tank pumped more often.

Moderate Use of the Garbage Disposal

The garbage disposal is easy to use, but isn’t so easy on your septic system. You finish dinner and put the leftover down the disposal as you wash them off. But unfortunately, it all ends up in the septic tank, causing lots of problems.

But just like everything else, our septic system is susceptible to problems, even with routine maintenance and the tank pumped on a regular basis.

As a leader in the industry, Orlando Septic Service, our work and customer service our top notch. We work with your schedule to ensure your septic service is working efficiently.