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Homes and businesses with septic tanks and drain fields can benefit from the new septic upgrade incentive program offered by the Department of Environmental Protection. 

Septic tank systems need to be properly need to me properly installed and maintained to ensure wastewater is being effectively treated and to protect the quality of the ground water. 

“We encourage homeowners in these Priority Focus Areas to take advantage of this new Septic Upgrade Incentive Program,” says Trina Vielhauer, director of DEP’s Division of Water Restoration Assistance. “Every homeowner who does their part to upgrade a septic system brings us one step closer to our goal of significantly lowering nutrients in Florida’s springs.”

Eligible enhancements include:

Retrofitting septic tanks with advanced pre-treatment

Recirculating aerobic treatment units

Replacing traditional septic tanks with upgraded nutrient-reducing technology

It is important to keep your septic system in tip top shape for it to function properly. If any part of the system fails, it can end up costly your wallet and the environment.

Here are a few things to remember when it comes to the septic system

Don’t pour grease or cooking oil down the drain. They will eventually harden up, clogging your plumbing pipes or those leading to the drain field. They also prevent the good bacteria in your septic tank from doing its job of breaking up waste.

Never put anything down the drain or toilet that doesn’t belong, coffee grounds, kitty litter, wipes (even the ‘safe for septic system’ wipes), paper towels, medications, even bleach and cleaners can harm the delicate balance in the tank.

There are limits to what the septic system can handle. The typical washing machine uses about 20 gallons of water, which is filled with cleaners and chemicals.  Try not to do several loads all in one day.

Don’t drive over the tank or drain field, it can do serious damage.

Never enter a septic tank! It contains deadly pathogens and gases.

Make sure you have your septic system professionally inspected and pumped on a regular basis.

We depend on our septic system every day. Overlook your septic system unit it’s backing up or overflowing into your house, can not only be overwhelming and can end up costing a small fortune.

Quality service does Not have to have a high price tag! Then contact Orlando Septic Service.  We will  match any written estimate for a commercial or residential project! Don’t forget to check out our money saving coupons.