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Do you know what is buried on your property? The sewer line, septic tank, drain field, and plumbing system are all under the ground. Chances are you’ve never even seen them, though you depend on them every day.

If a problem develops within any these systems, it is important to resolve it promptly. While it is never convenient to call someone and have them come out, it will save you a lot of money in the long run. But how do you know if there is an issue?

Look for these tale tell signs of a septic problem

Clogs: If just a sink in the bathroom is backed up, it is probably just clogged. But if all the drains in your home seem to be slow, it may be the septic system. If the toilets are gurgling after you flush them or have raw sewage backing up in the bathtub, it is time to call in the professionals.

Foul Odors: Whether there is an smell within the building you can’t put your finger on, a funny smell coming from drain lines, or you notice a foul odor when you walk outside, it is typically comes from your septic or sewer lines. It may be an easy repair, but the longer you wait, the more damage it is doing.

Green Lush Patches of Landscape: We all love a great looking yard, but if you notice some areas doing much better and looking healthier than the rest, it probably isn’t just random luck. It is more likely a septic problem, possibly a leak or damaged drain field. It also means it can be contaminating the drinking water.

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Orlando Septic Services is committed to providing the very best quality and customer service.  Thanks to our decades of experience we can handle the most difficult sewer situations without a problem. Orlando Septic Service is an environmentally friendly company serving Central Florida for 23 years. We are a licensed septic contractor certified with the State of Florida.  Earning our reputation as an honest and reliable waste management business in the Seminole and Orange County areas.

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