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Orlando Aerobic Treatment Unit vs Traditional Septic Tank System


There is no question, every home and business in Central Florida produces waste. When it comes to removing this sewage, you may not have the traditional options.

Septic Tank System vs Aerobic Treatment Unit

Most of us know of the traditional septic tank where waste water is taken from the house, and cycled through the system. The heavier solids sink to the bottom of the tank while the lighter materials such as oils, grease, and fat, float to the top. The bacteria in the septic system slowly breaks down waste and then distributed effluent water to the drain field. Many homes in Central Florida rely on this type of system every day.

But there is an alternative to removing waste, the Aerobic Treatment Unit (ATU). Designed to be more energy efficient, by using additional oxygen to break down matter, reduce solid waste, and bacteria quicker, than the traditional septic system. While the ATU may have a higher initial cost, they tend to use less energy, be faster and cleaner.

By acting as a mini waste water treatment plant, the ATU system uses oxidation to treat the waste. An air pump is used to heighten the level of oxygen. Encouraging the growth of bacteria and increase the decomposition and breakdown of waste.

The ATU is perfect for smaller properties, which may not be able to accommodate a drain field. Also, where the water tables are higher, such as close to streams and lakes.

The traditional septic system may be more cost efficient and easier to install, they tend to deteriorate quicker and take up more space. Though research shows they have a bigger impact on the environment.

There are many factors that go into deciding which waste water treatment system is best a residential home or business. Such as soil conditions, available land, where the water table is located, lifestyle, and budget. Orlando Septic Services can help you make the best decision for your situation.

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